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44 Years of Innovation Inspires a New Generation

Harbor truck bodies have unusually good curb appeal. An enormous attention to detail is rooted in the DNA of Harbor trucks and vans. Harbor consistently ranks among the top volume commercial manufacturers for like Ford. Harbor ranks high in manufacturing quality and quality processes.
Service Body
Service Bodies
Platform Body
Platform Bodies
Dump Body
Dump Bodies
Contractor Body
Contractor Bodies
Upfited Cargovan
Van Interiors
Quality & Value Service Bodies
From the glistening body finish to the locking system designed to protect the tools of your livelihood, Harbor Service Bodies define quality and value. Standard features include Neoprene door seals, water-proof gaskets, self-sealing stainless steel rivets and silky smooth three-point door latches with Teflon glides and more.
Quality & ReliablE Platform Bodies
Whether your business is hauling stuff or you’re hauling stuff for business, these platform bodies go the distance! Choice of diamond/smooth plate steel deck, aluminum iso-mounted deck, or 7/8″ hardwood aptiton deck. Customize your platform body with slatted 40-inch or solid-side 10-inch to 28-inch gates.
2-3 Yard Dump Bodies
Harbor Dump Bodies are the hardest working dump body in the landscape and light construction industries. These work truck bodies come equipped with seamless, one-piece steel floor for optimum strength and durability. The 9-foot floor length allows for full sheets of plywood or other materials.
Cutting Edge Contractor Bodies
Nearly half a century of cutting edge engineering comes standard. But there is nothing standard about Harbor Contractor model! The flawless well integrated overall design now comes with optional diamond plate steel or extruded aluminum decks and rear fold-down gates. It’s powder-coated head to toe.
Modular Van Interiors
Customization has never been so easy! We created a product line that is more modular. Harbor’s exclusive interchangeable components allow you to customize your interior to meet your needs using standardized components. You will be able to upgrade to higher level packages at a reasonable price…and do so without ripping out the entire initial package.

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